KMS integration best practices

Content Software for File User Guide

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The KMS is the sole entity holding the key to decrypt Content Software for File system filesystem keys. Adhering to the following best practices is cruicial for non-disruptive operations. Set up DR for the KMS (backup/replication) to avoid any chance of data loss.

  • DR setup for KMS: Implement backup/replication for the KMS to mitigate data loss risks.
  • High availability for KMS: Maintain high availability for the KMS, represented by a single address in the Content Software for File system.
  • Access to KMS: Provide access to the KMS from the Content Software for File backend servers.
  • Verification of KMS methods: Verify and understand the methods employed by the KMS for securing, unsealing, and reconstructing lost keys. Different KMS solutions have distinct methods; for instance, vault unsealing methods can enable auto unsealing using a trusted service.
Note: Taking a Snap-To-Object ensures that the (encrypted) filesystems keys are backed up to the object store, which is important if a total corruption of the Content Software for File system configuration occurs.

For additional best practices recommended by HashiCorp when using Vault, refer to the Production Hardening documentation.