Organizations management

Content Software for File User Guide

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Organizations are used for the separation of duties between different groups of users on the same Content Software for File system. So that an organization cannot control or view other organization data. It is possible to create up to 64 organizations.

Within an organization, the Organization Admin manages the logical entities participating in obtaining control of data (the Cluster Admin cannot manage these entities).

The Cluster Admin can perform the following activities:

  • Create new organizations and define the Organization Admin.
  • Delete existing organizations.
  • Monitor per organization the total capacity used by all the organization filesystems.

While Cluster Admins are people trusted by the different organizations (for example, have root access to the backend hosts), they are obscured from the organization data in the Content Software for File system. The Cluster Admin separation is partial, for example, they can still see the events of all organizations. The Content Software for File system ensures the separation of any sensitive information between the different organizations.

Note: The data at the hardware level is not separated. While the Content Software for File system is highly scalable and serves IOs fairly among filesystems, there is no QoS guarantee between organizations. The system limits are according to the entire system. Consequently, a single organization's workload or configuration can exhaust the entire cluster limits.