Cluster Protection and Availability widget

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This widget shows the overall status of the system's health and protection state.

The overall status widget includes the following indications:

  • Protection state: The possible protection states include:
    • OK: The system operates properly.
    • UNKNOWN: The protection state is unknown.
    • UNINITIALIZED: The system must complete the cluster configuration and run the first IOs.
    • REBUILDING: When a failure occurs, the data rebuild process reads all the stripes where the failure occurred, rebuilds the data, and returns the system to full protection.
    • PARTIALLY_PROTECTED: Some or all of the data is not fully protected. The reported number of protections indicates the cluster's failure resilience.
    • UNPROTECTED: The data is not protected against any failure.
    • UNAVAILABLE: Too many parallel failures occur in the system that can cause system unavailability.
    • REDISTRIBUTING: The system redistributes the data between servers and drives due to scale-up or scale-down.
  • Service Uptime: The elapsed time since the I/O services started.
  • Data Protection: The number of data drives and protection parity drives. The color of the protection parity drives indicates their status.
  • Virtual (Hot) Spares: The number of failure domains that the system can lose and still complete the data rebuild while maintaining the same net capacity.