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Content Software for File User Guide

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The Content Software for File GUI application is the administration tool for your Content Software for File system. Use this tool for system configuration, filesystems management, user management, and investigation of alarms, events, and statistics.

Content Software for File GUI application supports the following functions:

  • Configuration:
    • Configure the cluster, such as data availability, license, security, and central monitoring.
    • Configure the backend containers and expose the data in different protocols.
    • Manage local users and set up the user directory.
    • Create and manage organizations and their quotas.
  • Management:
    • Manage the filesystems, including tiering, thin provisioning, and encryption.
    • Manage snapshots.
    • Manage the object store buckets.
    • Manage the filesystem protocols: SMB, S3, and NFS.
    • Manage directory quotas
  • Investigation:
    • Investigate events
    • Investigate overtime statistics, such as total operations, R/W throughput, CPU usage, and read or write latency.
  • Monitoring:
    • View the cluster protection and availability.
    • View the R/W throughput
    • View the backend and client top consumers.
    • View alarms. View the used, provisioned, and total capacity.
    • View the frontend, compute, and drive cores usage.
    • View the hardware components (active/total).