Object tagging

Content Software for File User Guide

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Note: To enable the object-tagging capability the Content Software for File object-store entity should be configured as such using enable-upload-tags parameter in either of the weka fs tier s3 add/update CLI commands.

When Content Software for File uploads objects to the object store, it assigns tags to categorize them. These tags are crucial because they enable the customer to implement specific lifecycle management rules in the object store based on the assigned tags.

The following table indicates the additional tags Content Software for File adds to the object when using object tagging:

Tag Description
wekaBlobType The system-internal type representation of the object. One of: DATA, METADATA, METAMETADATA, LOCATOR, RELOCATIONS
wekaFsId The filesystem ID (a combination of the filesystem ID and the cluster GUID uniquely identifies a filesystem).
wekaGuid The cluster GUID
wekaFsName The name of the filesystem that uploaded this object.