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The tiering process (the tiering of data from the SSDs to the object stores) is based on when data is created or modified. It is managed similar to the Retention Period, with the data timestamped in intervals. The length of each interval is the size of the user-defined Tiering Cue. The Content Software for File system maintains 3 such intervals at any given time, and always tiers the data in the third interval.

Note: While the data release process is based on timestamps of access, creation, or modification, the tiering process is based only on the timestamps of the creation or modification.
Note: These timestamps are per 1 MB chunk and not the file timestamp.
For example: If the Tiering Cue is 1 day, then the data will be classified according to the following timeline for a system that starts working on January 1:
Data Classification for Single Day Tiering Cue

Since the tiering process applies to data in the first interval in this example, the data written or modified on January 1 will be tiered to the object store on January 3. Consequently, data will never be tiered before it is at least 1 day old (which is the user-defined Tiering Cue), with the worst case being the tiering of data written at the end of January 1 at the beginning of January 3.

Note: The Tiering Cue default is 10 seconds and cannot exceed 1/3 of the Data Retention period.