Object-store direct mount option

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Regardless of the time-based policies, it is possible to use a special mount option obs_direct to bypass the time-based policies. Any creation/writing of files from a mount point with this option will mark it to release as soon as possible, before taking into account other files retention policies. The data extents of the files are still first written to the SSD but get precedence on releasing to the object store.

In addition, any read done through such a mount point will read the extents from the object-store and will not be kept persistently on the SSD (it still goes through the SSD, but is released immediately before any other interval).

Note: In AWS, this mode should only be used for importing data. It should not be used for general access to the filesystem as any data read via this mount point would be immediately released from the SSD tier again. This can lead to excessive S3 charges.