Metadata limitations

Content Software for File User Guide

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In addition to the capacity constraints, each filesystem in Content Software for File has specific limitations on metadata. The overall system-wide metadata cap depends on the SSD capacity allocated to the Content Software for File system and the RAM resources allocated to the Content Software for File system processes.

Content Software for File carefully tracks metadata units in RAM. If the metadata units approach the RAM limit, they are intelligently paged to the SSD, triggering alerts. This proactive measure allows administrators sufficient time to increase system resources while sustaining IO operations with minimal performance impact.

By default, the metadata limit linked to a filesystem correlates with the filesystem's SSD size. However, users have the flexibility to override this default by defining a filesystem-specific max-files parameter. This logical limit empowers administrators to regulate filesystem usage, providing the flexibility to update it as needed.

The cumulative metadata limits across all filesystems can surpass the system's entire metadata information that fits in RAM. In potential impact scenarios, the system optimizes by paging the least recently used units to disk, ensuring operational continuity with minimal disruption.