Content Software for File User Guide

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Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) extends the PCI Express (PCIe) specification that enables PCIe virtualization. It allows a PCIe device, such as a network adapter, to appear as multiple PCIe devices, or functions. There are two function categories:

Physical Function (PF)
PF is a full-fledged PCIe function that can also be configured.
Virtual Function (VF)
VF is a virtualized instance of the same PCIe device and is created by sending appropriate commands to the device PF.

Typically, there are many VFs, but only one PF per physical PCIe device. Once a new VF is created, it can be mapped by an object such as a virtual machine, container, or, in the Content Software for File system, by a 'compute' process.

To take advantage of SR-IOV technology, the software and hardware must be supported. The Linux kernel provides SR-IOV software support. The computer BIOS and the network adapter provide hardware support (by default, SR-IOV is disabled and must be enabled before installing Content Software for File).