Prioritized data rebuild process

Content Software for File User Guide

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In the event of a failure in the WEKA system, the data recovery process commences by reading all the affected data stripes, rebuilding the data, and restoring complete data protection. If a second failure occurs, there are three types of stripes:

  1. Stripes not impacted by either of the failed components – requiring no action.
  2. Stripes affected by only one of the failed components.
  3. Stripes affected by both failed components.

Typically, the number of stripes affected by two failed components is much smaller than that of a single failed component. However, if any stripes influenced by both failed components are yet to be rebuilt, a third component failure could result in data loss.

To mitigate this risk, the Content Software for File system employs a prioritized rebuild process. It begins with the quick restoration of stripes affected by two failed components, as these are fewer in number and can be addressed within minutes. Afterward, the system rebuilds stripes affected by only one failed component. This prioritized approach to the rebuild process ensures that data loss is rare, and service and availability are consistently maintained.