PDU for the Hitachi Universal V2B Rack

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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The following table shows the power system requirements for the PDU used with the Hitachi Universal V2B Rack. For more information, see https://docs.hitachivantara.com/r/en-us/universal-rack/v2b/mk-97rk000.

Hitachi Vantara part number Geography Phase Length Voltage Amperage
1P30A-8C13-3C19UL.P Americas Single 24.49in (622mm) 208 30
1P30A-15C13-3C19UL.P Americas Single 35.24in (895mm) 208 30
3P30A-8C13-3C19UL.P Americas Three 24.49in (622mm) 208 30
3P30A-15C13-3C19UL.P Americas Three 35.24in (895mm) 208 30
3P30A-24C13-6C19UL.P Americas Three 51.85in (1,317mm) 208 30
1P32A-9C13-3C19CE.P EMEA/APAC Single 23.46in (596mm) 230 32
1P32A-18C13-3C19CE.P EMEA/APAC Single 35.16in (893) 230 32
3P16A-9C13-3C19CE.P EMEA/APAC Three 23.46in (596mm) 400 16
3P16A-15C13-3C19CE.P EMEA/APAC Three 33.62in (854mm) 400 16
3P32A-24C13-6C19CE.P EMEA/APAC Three 54.09in (1,374mm) 400 32