Changing the network settings

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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The HCP system is installed with default network settings. You need to change these settings to match your computing environment.

Following is the workflow you need to know before you begin:
  • The IP address to use for the front-end gateway router. Typically, the first three octets in this address are the same as the first three octets in the IP address of the front-end network.
  • The subnet mask for the front-end IP addresses.
  • If the corporate network is configured to support virtual networking and you want to tag the HCP front-end network, the VLAN ID to use for that network. For information about virtual networking, see Administering HCP.
  • The front-end IP address to use for each HCP node.
Note: Node numbers don’t change when you change IP addresses.
  • Whether HCP must hide the IP addresses of the master name servers for the front-end network and allow client access to HCP over the network only through specified downstream DNS servers. A DNS configuration that functions in this way is called hidden master.

    A downstream DNS server is a DNS server through which client requests are routed to HCP.

    For more information about this and the next two properties, see Administering HCP.

  • Whether HCP should notify specified downstream HCP servers about changes to the zone definition for the front-end network.
  • The rate at which the downstream DNS servers should query HCP for updates to the zone definition for the front-end network domain. The default is three hours.

    For the refresh rate for the [hcp_system] network, you can specify any combination of weeks (W), days (D), hours (H), minutes (M), and seconds (S), using this syntax:

  • The back-end IP address to use for each HCP node. You can change only the first three octets of the back-end IP addresses. You cannot change the fourth octet.
    Important: Change the default back-end IP addresses only if they conflict with existing front-end IP addresses at your site.

    After you’ve made all the necessary changes to the front-end and back-end network settings, you can safely connect the HCP system to your corporate network.