Mount the server in the rack

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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  1. Ensure that the inner part of each outer rail for the server is pushed all the way back into the rack.
  2. At the front of the rack, align the rear of the inner rails on the server with the front of the outer rails on the rack.
  3. Fit each inner rail into the inside of the inner part of the corresponding outer rail. Then push the server back into the rack as far as the server goes.
  4. While pushing back or pulling forward the purple tabs on the outsides of both inner rails on the server, push back on the server to release it. Then slide the server all the way back into the rack.

  5. Using the #1 Phillips screwdriver, screw in the black locking screw below the handle on each side of the front of the server.