Mount the Cisco MDS 9148 into the rack

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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  1. Slide the Cisco switch into the rack unit that has the mounting brackets on the front side.
    Make sure the ā€˜Cā€™ shaped brackets attached to the sides of the switch properly catch on the mounting rails inside the rack.
    Note: When inserting the Cisco switch into the rack, make sure the ports for Ethernet and Fibre channel switches face the rear of the rack.
  2. Slide the switch all the way in, and secure it to the rear vertical EIA rails using two M5 screws on the top and bottom square holes of each side of the switch.

  3. Install two vented panels in the front of the rack at rack units U25 and U26 using M5 screws.
    The panels do not sit flush to the front of the rack since they are set on top of the screws for the mounting rail kit. Do not over-tighten the screws holding the perforated blanking panels.