Install the Brocade 6510 rails

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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  1. Attach the inner pieces of the rail kit to each side of the switch using the three screws below.

  2. Attach the two mounting ears to the front sides of the switch (2 screws each).

  3. Install M5 caged nuts in all three square holes of U25 and U26 on the front of the rack on the left and right sides.
  4. Use the top and bottom caged nuts on the left and right front of rack unit U25 to secure the back ends of the outer rails to the racks.

    The image below is the back end of an outer rail. Mount the end at the front of the rack.

  5. Repeat step 5 to secure the mounting rails for the switch to be mounted in rack position U26.