Cabling a Fibre Channel switch to a storage array in base or expansion configuration

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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  1. Based on the number of storage arrays attached to the system, determine which HCP G11 Nodes are attached to which storage array.
    Divide the number of HCP G11 Nodes by the number of storage arrays. Since there are 16 HCP G11 Nodes per HCP rack, determine the number of storage arrays that will be connected to the Fibre Channel switches in each HCP rack. If the number of nodes plus half of the number of storage array ports exceeds 24, stop and contact HCP Product Management or HCP Engineering for further instructions on cabling for this order.
  2. Select a fiber optic jumper cable of the appropriate length to reach from the Fibre Channel switches in the HCP rack and the storage controllers in the separate storage rack.
  3. Locate the label sheet containing pairs of numbered decals.
  4. Label both ends of the fiber optic cable.
    1. Starting at label 01 and proceeding sequentially, peel off the first of the pair and attach it to one end of the fiber optic cable.
    2. Peel off the second of the pair and attach it to the other end of the fiber optic cable.
  5. Attach one end of the fiber optic cable to a port on the storage array. Attach the other end of the cable to a port on one the switches in rack position U25 or U26 according to the following list of port pairs.
    The pairs are defined as the port on the storage array (controller-port) and port on the switch (rack position-port). The information presented in the following table applies to VSP Gx00 models. If the storage array included on the order is not for VSP Gx00 models, substitute the appropriate ports on the storage array for the ones shown in the table.
    Primary Secondary
    C0-P0A to U25-P17 C1-P1A to U26-P17
    C0-P0B to U25-P18 C1-P1B to U26-P18
    C0-P0C to U25-P19 C1-P1C to U26-P19
    C0-P0D to U25-P20 C1-P1D to U26-P20
    C0-P0E to U25-P21 C1-P1E to U26-P21
    C0-P0F to U25-P22 C1-P1F to U26-P22
    C0-P0G to U25-P23 C1-P1G to U26-P23
    C0-P0H to U25-P24 C1-P1H to U26-P24
  6. Repeat steps two through five for each cable to be connected between the storage array and the Fibre Channel switches.
    The number of cables you connect is always an even number, but you might not use all of the ports. See the HCP system configuration sheet uploaded with the order for more information.
  7. If there is more than one array, repeat steps two through six for each storage array on the order.
  8. Neatly organize the fiber optic cables and use Velcro to attach them to the cable organizer in the rack.
    Make sure the cables meet a minimum bend radius of four inches (100mm) and are not crimped when organized as this can damage the fiber optic cable.