Mount the Cisco N3K and N9K in the rack

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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Insert the switch into the rack and attach it using the following procedure.

  1. Holding the switch with both hands, position the two rear rack-mount brackets on the switch between the rack or cabinet posts that do not have slider rails attached to them (see the following figure).

  2. Align the two rear rack-mount guides on either side of the switch with the slider rails installed in the rack. Slide the rack-mount guides onto the slider rails, and then gently slide the switch all the way into the rack until the front rack-mount brackets come in contact with two rack or cabinet posts.
  3. Holding the chassis level, insert screws (12-24 or 10-32, depending on the rack type) in each of the two front rack-mount brackets (using a total of six screws) and into the cage nuts or threaded holes in the vertical rack-mounting rails (see the following figure).

  4. Tighten the 10-32 screws to 20 in-lb (2.26 N·m) or tighten the 12-24 screws to 30 in-lb (3.39 N·m).
  5. If you attached a grounding wire to the chassis grounding pad, connect the other end of the wire to the facility ground.