Assemble the rails onto the equipment rack

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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Rail-rods and rail-slides assemble into two identical rails. Each rail connects a front post to a rear post. When the rails are installed, the switch slides on the rails into the rack. Each bracket includes a screw that attaches the switch to the rail.

Each end of an assembled rail contains two rack plugs (see the following figure). The rails are installed into a rack by inserting the plugs into rack slots. When installing rails into posts with threaded or rounded holes, remove all plugs located on both sides of the assembled rails, then install the rails with bolts that fit the rack.

  1. Slide a rail-rod into a rail-slide (see the following figure) until the rail clip makes an audible click. The rail clip prevents the extension of the rail beyond the maximum supported distance between the front and rear rack posts.

  2. Attach rail to the right rear rack post by inserting rod-end rack plugs into post slots (Inset A in the following figure). The slide assembly must be inside the right posts, relative to the left rack posts. If the rack plugs were previously removed, use bolts to attach the rail to the rack.
  3. Attach the slide end of the rail to the front post by extending the rail end past the post, and then contracting the rail while guiding the rack plugs into the post (Inset B in the following figure).
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the left posts. Make sure the rails are on the same horizontal level.