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Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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Each racking and connection diagram shows a single rack. The view is from the rear of the rack.

Each diagram has:

  • Three or four columns that show possible hardware configurations
  • Left and right U# columns that show the rack units in which each hardware component is installed
  • Left and right PDU outlet columns that show only the outlets used with the hardware configurations in the diagram
  • Left and right PDU configuration columns that show the number of PDUs installed on each side of the rack and the orientation of each PDU

Each hardware component connects to the outlets that, in the diagram, are aligned with the bottom or only rack unit occupied by that component.

Diagram legend

In each diagram:

  • Hardware components that span columns are used in all the configurations shown in the diagram.
  • Sections labeled Empty do not contain any hardware components for the applicable configuration.
  • Rack units in italics with a gray background in the U# column show the PDU bracket locations.
  • Outlets with darker background colors are C13 outlets. Outlets with lighter background colors are C19 outlets.
  • Outlet background colors — blue, brown, and yellow for the Universal V3 Rack or blue, red, and yellow for the Universal V2 Rack — correspond to the circuits on the PDUs.
  • Outlets with black text are always used with the applicable component. Outlets with white text are used only if the applicable component has two power supplies.
  • The "PWR" label on each PDU shows which end of the PDU has the power inlet cable.

The PDUs in the diagrams are not drawn to scale.