Considerations for racking an HCP system

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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An HCP G11 Node system includes a minimum of four HCP G11 Nodes and a maximum of eighty HCP G11 Nodes. The nodes can be racked in a base configuration with Ethernet switches or in an appliance configuration with Ethernet switches and optional HCP S11 Nodes.

In a base configuration, an HCP system can have up to five racks — one base configuration rack and, optionally, one through four expansion racks. A base configuration does not include a VSP Gx00 models or S11 Nodes.

In an appliance configuration, an HCP system can have only one rack but can be expanded with additional storage in secondary racks. An appliance configuration includes one or more VSP Gx00 models arrays or S11 Nodes.

If the HCP system in a base configuration uses expansion racks, those racks must be positioned on the right and left of the base or appliance configuration rack in alternating order so that all HCP G11 Nodes can connect to the back-end Ethernet switches.

The figure below shows how to position the racks.

Tip: For ease of access, remove and set aside the rack side panels and doors before racking and cabling components.