Step 1: Log in to Hitachi Remote Ops

Installing an HCP SAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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To log in to Hitachi Remote Ops:

  1. Open a web browser window.
  2. In the address field, enter the URL for the Hitachi Remote Ops server by using either the hostname or a valid IP address for the server followed by port number 6696. For example:
  3. In the Select one of the following UserIds field, select Administrator.
  4. In the Enter the corresponding password field, type the case-sensitive password for the Administrator user. By default, this password is hds.
    If Hitachi Remote Ops is already in use at your site for monitoring other devices, this password may have been changed. In this case, see your Hitachi Remote Ops administrator for the current password.
  5. Click Logon.