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Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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You can purchase HCP G11 Nodes without a rack and then install the servers into a rack you supply. If you are supplying the rack(s) for the HCP system, you are responsible for the components shown below:

  • A rack that meets these requirements:
    • The rack must be a standard 19-inch rack.
    • The rack must have square holes in the vertical EIA rails.
    • The rack depth must be at least 43.3 inches (1,100mm). The depth of the server, depth of Ethernet switches, and necessary room for cable management necessitates this depth requirement.
    • The server depth shown in the following figure is 29.33 inches (745mm). The power supply tab adds about another inch (25mm). An HCP system requires approximately ten inches (250mm) in the rear of the rack for cable management. Since most racks have a setback from the front of the rack to the vertical EIA rails the total depth required exceeds that of a 39.3 inch rack (1000mm).
    • The width shown in the following figure is 17.6 inches (447mm) and the customer rack must accommodate this dimension. The width shown includes the rail kit required space.

    • The distance between the outer surfaces of the front and rear vertical EIA rails should be a minimum of 29 inches (736.6mm). While the server rail kit is able to mount with a shorter depth, some of the Ethernet switch equipment, particularly Cisco Nexus 5548 or Cisco Nexus 5596 require this minimum distance.
  • PDUs. Power Distribution Units need to provide the appropriate number of IEC 60320 C13 and C19 outlets and appropriate amperage to power the equipment installed in the rack. For proper redundancy, components in the rack should be connected to two PDUs, one for each of the power supplies provided. If a component only has one power supply it should be connected to the first PDU and its redundant counterpart should be connected to the second PDU.

    See the following table for the appropriate outlets required for each HCP system component.

    Component #of U # of Outlets Outlet Type
    Brocade VDX 6740 10GB Ethernet 1 2 C13
    Cisco Nexus 5548 10GB Ethernet 1 2 C13
    Cisco Nexus 5596 10GB Ethernet 2 2 C13
  • For power requirements of each device, see Electrical requirements.
  • For storage components, including HCP S11 or Hitachi storage arrays, please see the appropriate documentation for those devices to determine the appropriate rack space, outlet quantity, outlet type, and power capacity requirements.
  • Velcro straps and/or cable ties for bundling and securing cables.
  • Screws and caged nuts for installing equipment into the rack(s).