Changing DNS settings

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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For the HCP system to use DNS services, you need to enable the use of DNS in HCP and specify the IP addresses of all the DNS servers in your environment that are upstream from HCP. An upstream DNS server is a DNS server to which HCP routes the outbound communications it initiates (for example, for sending log messages to syslog servers or for communicating with Active Directory®).

Specifying all the DNS servers ensures that the HCP system can be addressed by hostname as long as at least one of those servers is available. To specify the DNS servers, you need to know their IP addresses.

Note: If you have not yet configured HCP as a subdomain in the DNS, do so now. For information about doing this, see Administering HCP.

When changing DNS settings, you can also change the hostname prefix used to name the nodes in the HCP system. You need to do this if you have two HCP systems and:

  • You use Active Directory authentication for access to HCP
  • The two systems have one or more node numbers in common

If you don’t use DNS at your site, you need to disable the use of DNS in HCP.

  1. In the top-level menu of the System Management Console, select Configuration > DNS.
  2. On the DNS Settings page:
    • If you want to use DNS with HCP, select the Use DNS option.
    • If you don’t want to use DNS with HCP, deselect the Use DNS option and skip to Step 4.
    1. Optionally, in the Hostname Prefix field, type a new hostname prefix.
      The hostname prefix can be from one through 12 characters long and contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).
      Tip: To make node names easier to read, end the hostname prefix with a hyphen (-).
    2. In the Upstream DNS Servers field, type a comma-separated list of the IP addresses of all the upstream DNS servers.
      Spaces are not allowed.
  3. Click the Update Settings button.
    A warning message appears asking you to confirm the changes you have made.
  4. In the message window field, type yes. This is case sensitive.
  5. Click the Update Settings button.
    The System Management Console confirms that you have successfully updated the DNS settings, and HCP restarts. Wait a few minutes for the system to finish restarting. Then proceed to the next reconfiguration activity.