Reconfiguring the HCP system for your site

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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To reconfigure an HCP system for your computing environment, you need to:

  • Verify that the serial number is correct in the system and, if it isn’t, rectify it.
  • Change the HCP network settings to match your computing environment.
  • Change the HCP DNS setting to match your compurting environment.
  • Change the time setting for the HCP system to match your computing environment.
  • Make the back-end switches known to HCP.
  • Obtain and install exclusive Support access credentials for SSH if SSH is used in your computing environment.

To perform these activities, you must use the HCP System Management Console. This chapter explains how to:

  • Give yourself a System Management Console user account with the service role.
  • Perform the reconfiguration activities listed above.
Note: To perform the reconfiguration activities in this chapter before connecting the HCP system to your corporate network, you need to use a computer directly connected to one of the back-end switches.
Important: This chapter describes activities to be performed when you set up the HCP system at your site. Before performing these activities at any other time, consult your authorized HCP provider.