Rack the HCP G11 Nodes

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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This section describes how to rack the HCP G11 Nodes and connect them to the PDUs.

If you are building an HCP G11 system in a base configuration with optional expansion racks, the HCP G11 nodes are the first components to be racked. A base configuration supports up to eighty HCP G11 Nodes.

If you are racking an HCP G11 system in an appliance configuration, all of the other storage components need to be installed in the rack before you rack the G11 Nodes. An appliance configuration supports up to six HCP G11 Nodes in the rack.

For more information about which rack units to rack the HCP G11 Nodes, see Considerations for HCP racking and PDU connections.

Note: Do not add the same number of nodes, or more nodes, than you have in your cluster; otherwise, it causes a node outage due to metadata rebalancing.