Cisco Nexus 5548UP port diagram

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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An HCP system comes with all the Twinax cables needed to support the ordered number of nodes. Individual Twinax cables are used to connect the Ethernet switches together as well as the individual nodes to the Ethernet switches. Please follow the instructions below to connect the Twinax cables.

Note: Twinax cables from Brocade and Cisco are not compatible with one another. Please ensure you only use the vendor-specific cables with the switches.

The diagrams below show six ports reserved for functions outside of communicating with the node. Do not plug Ethernet cables into these ports during this step. The ports are labeled:

  • SER: the serial port used to configure the switch.
  • MGMT: the management port used to configure the switch.
  • ISL: the inter-switch link used to connect the two back-end switches to one another.
  • SP: the service port used by Hitachi Vantara service personnel.
  • R: the port is reserved.

The management port on the switch does not correspond to the management port on the node. The management port on the node attaches connects to a normal switch port if you want to configure an [hcp_management] network.