PDUs for the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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Outlet layout

The PDU for the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack has three color-coded sections: blue, brown, and yellow. The power inlet cable is attached to the blue end of the PDU.

Each colored-coded section has:

  • One or two circuit breakers
  • Some number of C19 outlets
  • Some number of C13 outlets

In a section with two circuit breakers, the circuit breaker closer to the power inlet cable is number one.

The C19 and C13 outlets are counted separately for each circuit breaker within each section. For each type of outlet, the outlet closest to the applicable circuit breaker is number one.

Each outlet is identified by these properties, in order:

  • The section color: B (blue), R (brown), or Y (yellow)
  • The breaker number: 1 or 2
  • The outlet type: C19 or C13
  • The number of the outlet within its section, preceded by a hyphen (-)

For example, the second C13 outlet for circuit breaker one in the red section is R1C13-2.

PDU part numbers

PDU part numbers describe the PDU model by its hardware characteristics and geographic distribution. Each PDU part number consists of these properties, in order:

  • Phase: 1P or 3P
  • Amperage: 20A
  • Number of C13 outlets: 8C13, 9C13, 10C13, 15C13, or 24C13
  • Number of C19 outlets: 2C19, 3C19, or 6C19
  • Geographic distribution: UL (Americas) or CE (EMEA/APAC)
  • Suffix: .P

For example, a three-phase, EMEA/APAC PDU with an amperage of 30, 15 C13 outlets, and three C19 outlets is 3P30A-15C13-3C19-UL20A.P.

Not all possible part numbers are used. For example, no PDU has the part number 3P10A-10C13-3C19-UL20A.P.