Attach the HCP G11 system serial number

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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Each HCP G11 system is identified with a system serial number. This serial number is printed on a white rectangular sticker that needs to be affixed to the rear of the appliance or base rack. Serial number stickers are not applied to expansion racks.

HCP G11 system serial number stickers are applied to the bottom right of the front side of appliance or base racks.

  1. Locate the area where the sticker is to be applied and clean it.
    The surface needs to be dry. If you feel it's necessary, use alcohol to clean the surface.
  2. Remove the serial number sticker from the backing liner without touching the adhesive side.
  3. Attach the serial number sticker by sticking it on the rack and sliding your finger across it from left to right.