Connecting to your corporate network

Installing an HCP RAIN System - Final On-Site Setup

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An HCP with internal storage system should be connected to your corporate network through two front-end switches or through a single front-end switch using active/active bonding. You need to use the Ethernet cables you supply to connect each of these switches to a separate Ethernet switch in your corporate network.

If you configured the HCP system to support a management network, your node management ports should be connected to your front-end switches. The management network segregates system and tenant administration, management API, SNMP , syslog, outgoing SMTP, and SSH traffic from the [hcp_system] network.

There are different types of cables and adapters that can be used to configure a front-end connection. The possible cable types are:

Fiber optic cables
The cables used with optical transceivers.
Twinax cables
The cables used with 10G SFP+ to 1G RJ-45 adapters.

The possible adapter types are:

Optical transceivers
The transceivers should be installed into the front-end ports of each HCP G11 Node.
10G SFP+ to 1G RJ-45 adapters
The adapters connect 10G SFP+ ports to a 1G network. The adapters should be installed into the front-end ports of each HCP G11 Node. These should not be confused with the single adapter provided with all 10G systems that is used by support personnel to perform switch maintenance.

In order to connect your system to the corporate network you need to cable your front-end switches to the nodes. An HCP G11 Node can have multiple network configurations. For more information about connecting your front-end network to your HCP G11 Nodes, see HCP G11 Node 10GB port diagram or HCP G11 Node 10G port diagrams and connect your cables to the red ports in the appropriate node diagram.

Important: The default front-end IP addresses for the HCP nodes are,, and so forth. If these IP addresses don’t work for your computing environment, you need to change them before you connect the HCP nodes to your corporate network. For information about doing this, see Reconfiguring the HCP system for your site.
Note: Make sure that you connect to your front-end switches, not your back-end.