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Multipart upload is the process of creating an object by breaking the object data into parts and uploading the parts to HCP individually. The result of a multipart upload is a single object that behaves the same as objects for which the data was stored by means of a single PUT object request. An object created by means of a multipart upload is called a multipart object.

Multipart uploads facilitate storing large objects. With a multipart upload:

  • You can upload multiple parts of the object data to HCP concurrently, thereby speeding up the time it takes to store the whole object.
  • You don't need to know the full size of the object data before you start uploading the data to HCP. Thus, multipart uploads support storing streaming data in real time.
  • You can store an object over time. By spacing the uploads of the individual parts over time, you can reduce the use of bandwidth when other high-bandwidth operations are in progress.
  • You can avoid the need to repeat a large upload operation when the connection is lost while the upload is in progress. Because each part you upload can be small, the time required to repeat the upload of a part can be short.