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Namespaces (buckets) to which you would like to allow cross-origin access must first be configured with CORS rules.

A CORS rules configuration is an XML document with rules that describe the external origins (domains), HTTP methods (operations), and HTTP headers that are allowed access to each bucket. You add the XML document to a bucket as a CORS subresource either programmatically or by using the Tenant Management Console or System Management Console, as described next.

CORS rules can be configured at the namespace level or tenant level.

  • To configure CORS rules for a namespace, use one of these interfaces:
    • Tenant Management Console
    • S3 compatible API
    • HCP management API
  • To configure CORS rules at the tenant level to server as the default for all namespaces owned by a tenant, use one of these interfaces:
    • System Management Console
    • HCP management API

    Setting CORS rules at the tenant level supports deployments in which a large number of HCP namespaces support the same CORS configuration.

    • If a namespace managed by the tenant does not have a CORS configuration, the namespace inherits the tenant-level configuration.
    • If a namespace has its own CORS configuration, the namespace-level configuration overrides the tenant-level configuration.