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Along with the S3 compatible API, HCP supports access to namespace content through these industry-standard protocols: a RESTful, HTTP-based API called REST, WebDAV, CIFS, and NFS. HCP also supports access to namespace content through an Swift-compatible API called.

Using the supported protocols, you can access namespaces programmatically with applications, interactively with a command-line tool, or through a GUI. You can use these protocols to perform actions such as storing objects in a namespace, viewing and retrieving objects, changing object metadata, and deleting objects.

HCP allows special-purpose access to namespaces through the SMTP protocol. This protocol is used only for storing email.

The namespace access protocols are configured separately for each namespace and are enabled or disabled independently of each other.

When you use the S3 compatible API to create a namespace (bucket), both the S3 compatible API and the REST API are automatically enabled for that namespace. Additionally, both the HTTP and HTTPS ports are open for both protocols (that is, the namespace can be accessed with or without SSL security).

Tenant administrators can enable and disable namespace access protocols for any namespace. This includes enabling the S3 compatible API for namespaces created through other HCP interfaces and disabling the S3 compatible API for namespaces created using the S3 compatible API.

Tip: You can ask your tenant administrator to close the HTTP port for the namespaces you create, thereby allowing only secure access to those namespaces.

Objects added to a namespace through any protocol, including the S3 compatible API, are immediately accessible through any other protocol that’s enabled for the namespace.