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The HCP Search Console is an easy-to-use web application that lets you search for and manage objects based on specified criteria. For example, you can search for objects that were stored before a certain date or that are larger than a specified size. You can then delete the objects listed in the search results or prevent those objects from being deleted. Similar to the metadata query API, the Search Console returns only object metadata, not object data.

By offering a structured environment for performing searches, the Search Console facilitates e-discovery, namespace analysis, and other activities that require the user to examine the contents of namespaces. From the Search Console, you can:

  • Open objects
  • Perform bulk operations on objects
  • Export search results in standard file formats for use as input to other applications
  • Publish feeds to make search results available to web users

The Search Console works with HCP metadata query engine:

The HCP metadata query engine
This facility is integrated with HCP and works internally to perform searches and return results to the Search Console. The metadata query engine is also used by the metadata query API.
Note: When working with the metadata query engine, the Search Console is called the Metadata Query Engine Console.

The search facility is selected at the HCP system level. If no facility is selected, the HCP system does not support use of the Search Console to search namespaces.

The search facility maintains its own index of objects in each search-enabled namespace and uses this index for fast retrieval of search results. The search facilities automatically update their indexes to account for new and deleted objects and changes to object metadata.