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The following considerations apply to URLs in S3 compatible API requests.

Case sensitivity in URLs

In the URLs you specify in S3 compatible requests:

  • HTTP and HTTPS are not case sensitive.
  • Hostnames are not case sensitive.
  • Bucket names are not case sensitive.
  • Unlike the items above, object names are case sensitive.

Quotation marks with URLs in command lines

When using a command-line tool to access HCP through the S3 compatible API, you work in a Unix, Mac OS X, or Windows shell. Some characters in the commands you enter may have special meaning to the shell. For example, the ampersand (&) used in URLs to join multiple query parameters also often indicates that a process should be put in the background.

To avoid the possibility of the Unix, Mac OS X, or Windows shell misinterpreting special characters in a URL, always enclose the entire URL, including any query parameters, in double quotation marks.

Disabling SSL certificate verification

If you’re using HTTPS in your request URLs, check with your tenant administrator as to whether you need to disable SSL certificate verification. You would need to do this if the SSL server certificate presented by the HCP system is not signed by a trusted CA.

With s3curl, you disable SSL certificate verification by including ‑k or ‑‑insecure in the request command line.