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To use the S3 compatible API as an authenticated user, you need to provide credentials. These credentials must be based on the username and password for your HCP user account or, if HCP is configured to support Windows Active Directory® (AD), for an AD user account that HCP recognizes.

To provide credentials, you typically use the HTTP Authorization request header. However, HCP also accepts Active Directory authentication provided through the SPNEGO protocol. For more information about SPNEGO, see

If the S3 compatible API is configured to require user authentication, you need to provide credentials with every request. If the S3 compatible API is configured to allow anonymous access, you need to either provide credentials or request anonymous access with each request.

HCP supports presigned URLs. A presigned URL uses query parameters to provide credentials. Presigned URLs allow you to temporarily share objects with other users without the need to grant those users permission to access your buckets or objects. Presigned URLs are compatible only with the AWS method of authentication.