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WebDAV is one of the industry-standard protocols HCP supports for namespace access. To access a namespace through WebDAV, you can write applications that use any standard WebDAV client library, or you can use a command-line tool, such as cadaver, which supports WebDAV.

Using the WebDAV protocol, you can store, view, retrieve, and delete objects. You can also add and delete custom metadata, as well as change certain system metadata for existing objects.

Note: Using WebDAV, you can store and retrieve the default annotation only. It cannot access other annotations.

HCP is compliant with WebDAV level 2, as specified by RFCs 2518 and 4918.

To access a namespace through WebDAV, this protocol must be enabled in the namespace configuration. If you cannot use the WebDAV protocol to access the namespace, contact your tenant administrator.

The WebDAV examples use cadaver open-source software, which you can download from

An object is equivalent to a WebDAV resource. A directory is equivalent to a WebDAV collection.