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The following sections show the URL formats you can use to access a namespace. These formats all use a domain name to identify the HCP system. As an alternative, you can use an IP address to identify the HCP system.

If the HCP system does not support DNS, you can use the client hosts file to enable access to a namespace by hostname.

  • The URL formats and examples that follow show https. If the namespace configuration does not require SSL security for HTTP, you can specify http instead of https in your URLs.
  • If you use HTTPS, check with your tenant administrator as to whether you need to disable SSL certificate verification. With cURL, you do this by including the -k or --insecure option in the request command line. In Python with PycURL, you do this by setting the SSL_VERIFYPEER option to false or 0 (zero).

Namespace URL

The URL that identifies a namespace has this format:


For example:


In this example:

the namespace name.
the tenant name.
is the domain name of the HCP system.

The URL for a namespace is not case sensitive.

URLs for accessing objects, directories, and symbolic links

To access the root of the namespace directory tree, append rest, in all lowercase letters, to the namespace URL, as in this example:


To access a specific object, directory, or symbolic link in a namespace, append the directory or object path to the namespace URL and the interface identifier rest. The format for this is:


Here’s a sample URL that identifies a directory:


Here’s a sample URL that identifies an object:


The names of objects, directories, and symbolic links are case sensitive. You cannot tell from a URL whether it identifies an object, directory, or symbolic link.

URLs for namespace information

You may have access to multiple namespaces owned by a given tenant. To retrieve information about these namespaces, use this format for the URL:


In the URL, proc must be all-lowercase.

A URL used to retrieve information about multiple namespaces owned by a tenant must start with the name of one of the namespaces.