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If versioning is enabled, you can store new versions of an existing object by storing the object using the same URL you used to create the object originally. HCP retains the previous version until it is pruned or you explicitly purge the object.

Updates to the system metadata, custom metadata, or ACL for an object do not create a new version of the object.

When HCP creates a new version of an object, the previous version becomes an old version:

  • The old version:
    • Includes the object data, system metadata, custom metadata, and ACL. This information, except the hold setting, owner, and ACL, is locked and treated as historic data; it cannot be changed.
    • Can be accessed by using the version ID that was assigned when you first stored it.
  • The new version:
    • Gets a version ID that is greater than the version ID of the previous version.
    • Inherits the system metadata, custom metadata, and ACL from the previous version, unless you specify new metadata when you add the new version to the namespace.
Note: You cannot create new versions of an object that is under retention or on hold or that has a retention setting of -2 (Initial Unspecified).