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Each object in a namespace has a retention setting. Additionally, the namespace is configured with a default retention setting. When an object is stored in the namespace, the object inherits the namespace retention setting. Using HTTP, you can override the default setting by specifying a different setting when you store the object.

Note: If the default retention setting is in the past, new objects that would otherwise get that setting are added with a setting of Deletion Allowed (0).

Every object, including objects assigned to retention classes, has a specific retention setting that specifies when (or whether) the retention period for the object ends. HCP represents the retention setting in numeric and text formats, as shown in the following table.

Numeric value Text value Meaning
0 Deletion Allowed The object can be deleted at any time.
-1 Deletion Prohibited The object cannot be deleted, except by a privileged delete, and the retention setting cannot be changed.
-2 Initial Unspecified The object does not yet have a retention setting. An object that has this value cannot be deleted, except by a privileged delete. You can change this retention setting to any other setting.
An integer number of seconds since January 1, 1970, at 00:00:00 UTC A datetime value The object cannot be deleted, except by a privileged delete, until the specified date and time.

The format used for retention settings depends on whether you are specifying or retrieving a setting and on the protocol you are using.