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Objects in a namespace have a variety of properties, such as a retention period and an index setting. These properties are defined for each object by the object metadata. HCP maintains both HCP product-specific and POSIX metadata for objects. You can view all the metadata for objects in a namespace and modify some of it.

HCP maintains only POSIX metadata for directories and symbolic links.

The namespace configuration specifies default values for several object properties. When you store an object in the namespace, the object inherits these values. You can override some of these values when using the REST API to store objects in the namespace.

If only the REST API is enabled for a namespace, the namespace can be configured to allow objects to have multiple versions.

With the WebDAV, CIFS, and NFS protocols, HCP displays object metadata in metafiles.

For the WebDAV protocol, HCP also provides its own XML namespace with live properties that allow you to store and retrieve HCP system metadata.