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The table below lists the operations HCP supports and indicates which protocols you can use to perform those operations. Some operations relate to specific types of metadata.

Write data from files or memory to a namespace to create an object
Transmit data to and from HCP in gzip-compressed format
Check for object existence
View the content of an object
Copy an object
Store new versions of existing objects
Append to existing objects
Delete an object that’s not under retention
Delete an object that’s under retention if the namespace configuration allows it
View object metadata
View a metafile
Override default index, retention, and shred settings when storing an object
Change the retention setting for an object
Hold or release an object
Enable shredding for an object
Change the index setting for an object
Change object ownership (not related to POSIX UID)
Change the POSIX UID and GID for an object
Change the POSIX permission settings for an object
Change the POSIX atime or mtime value for an object
Store, replace, or delete an annotation for an object
Store, replace, or delete the default annotation for an object
Store or retrieve object data and an annotation in a single operation
Store or retrieve object data and the default annotation in a single operation
Check for annotation existence
Check for existence of the default annotation
List annotations
Read an annotation
Read the default annotation
Store, replace, or delete an ACL for an object
Check for ACL existence
Read ACLs
Create an empty directory in a namespace
View the namespace directory structure, not including metadirectories
View the namespace directory structure, including both directories and metadirectories
Rename an empty directory (unless atime synchronization is enabled)
Delete an empty directory
Create a symbolic link
Read through a symbolic link to an object
Delete a symbolic link
List the namespaces accessible to you
List namespace statistics
List namespace permissions for the user
List the retention classes available in the namespace      

These considerations apply to symbolic links:

  • If you use CIFS to create a symbolic link, you can read through the link only with CIFS. You cannot use CIFS to read through a symbolic link created with NFS.
  • REST API and WebDAV support for reading through symbolic links is limited to retrieving object data. Other REST API and WebDAV operations on symbolic links may produce unexpected results.
Tip: You can use the HCP Search Console to delete, purge, hold, release, change ownership, or modify ACLs on multiple objects with a single operation.