Using NFS with objects open for write

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These considerations apply to objects that are open for write through any protocol:

  • While an object is open for write through one IP address, you cannot open it for write through any other IP address.
  • You can read an object that is open for write from any IP address, even though the object data may be incomplete. A read against the node hosting the write may return more data than a read against any other node.
  • While an object is open for write, you cannot delete it.
    Note: Depending on the timing, the delete request may result in a busy error. In that case, wait one or two seconds and then try the request again.
  • While an object that’s open for write has no data:
    • It is not WORM
    • It may or may not have a cryptographic hash value
    • It is not subject to retention
    • It cannot have custom metadata
    • It is not indexed
    • It is not replicated
Note: If you observe multiple stale NFS file handle errors on an NFS client, you might resolve the issue by disabling client-side caching. To do this, add the mount option lookupcache=none to the command. The complete set of options will be:
-o tcp,vers=3,timeo=600,hard,intr,lookupcache=none

Setting this option will enhance the consistency of client access and may assist in mitigating the issue. However, it's important to note that it may also result in a significant degradation of performance.