Listing versions of deleted objects and directories with the same name

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A directory listing in the Namespace Browser can include only one item with a specific name, but a version listing for a deleted object can include entries for both the object and a deleted directory with the same name. The following example shows how this can happen

  1. Create a directory named test1.
  2. In the test1 directory, create and delete a subdirectory named test2.
  3. In the test1 directory, save and delete an object with the name test2.
  4. List the contents of the test1 directory and select Show deleted objects.
    The test1 directory listing includes the deleted test2 object but not the deleted test2 directory.
  5. List the versions of the test2 object and select Show deleted objects.
    The version list includes the deleted test2 directory.
    Note: If you create and delete the test2 object before you create the test2 directory (whether you delete the test2 directory or not), you cannot list versions of test2 in the Namespace Browser, and you cannot see the deleted object versions. You can however, use direct HTTP requests (for example, with curl) to get this information.