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The Namespace Browser is an easy-to-use web application that lets you:

  • Navigate and manage namespace content
  • View information about namespaces

When you work with namespace content, you can list directories and view or retrieve objects. You can also manage namespace content by adding directories and by adding and deleting objects. If versioning is enabled, you can list, view, and retrieve old versions and view deleted objects.

When you view information about namespaces, the Browser can display the namespaces that you can access, retention classes that you can use in a namespace, permissions for namespace access, and statistics about a namespace.

Depending on the namespace configuration, you can log into the Namespace Browser as an authenticated user or you can log in anonymously. If the namespace supports Active Directory authentication, it can also be configured to support single sign-on. With single sign-on, if you’re logged in to a Windows client with an AD user account that HCP recognizes, you do not need to explicitly log into the Namespace Browser.

Note: If the namespace is configured to support single sign-on, you cannot log into the Namespace Browser anonymously.

For single sign-on to work, your web browser must be configured to support it.

The information you see and actions you can perform in the Namespace Browser depend on the permissions you have.