Namespace access with CIFS

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You access a namespace through CIFS by mapping the namespace to a network drive or by adding the namespace as a network place on a CIFS client. You can map or add the namespace as a whole, either root directory (data or metadata), or any specific data directory or metadirectory. Additionally, you can have multiple directories mapped or added at the same time.

Once mapped or added, the namespace appears to be part of the local file system, and you can perform any of the operations HCP supports for CIFS. On a Windows client, this includes dragging and dropping files and directories to the namespace and, likewise, objects and directories from the namespace.

When mapping or adding the namespace, you can use either the domain name of the HCP system or the IP address of a node in the system. Here are the supported formats:


\\namespace-name.tenant-name.hcp-domain-name \tenant-name_namespace-name[\data|metadata]







Note: When logged in to a CIFS client as an AD user, you can see all the namespaces and directories that have been mapped to network drives or added as network places. However, you can take action only in those namespaces for which you have permissions.