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With the Owner property, you can specify an owner using the Find Objects by Owner window or you can type a value. You can specify an owner only when the operator is is or is not.

  1. Click the select owner control () next to the value field.
  2. In the Find Objects by Owner window, in the Tenant or Domain section, type the name of the tenant or AD domain in which the user account of the object owner is defined
    If you type an AD domain, precede it with an at sign (@).
  3. In the in the Owner Name section:
    • To query for objects owned by a specified user, type the user name of the user account of the object owner. Values for the Owner property for structured queries use the same formats as values for the owner property for advanced queries.
    • To query for objects that have no owner, select Anonymous
    • To query for objects that existed before the HCP system was upgraded from a pre-5.0 release and that have not subsequently had their owner changed, select nobody.
  4. Click Submit.
On the Structured Query page, a value appears in the value field for the Owner property.