Query for objects with ACLs that grant permissions to a specified user

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  1. Click the select permissions control () next to the value field.
  2. In the Grantee has these permissions section, select any combination of Read, Write, Delete, Read ACL, and Write ACL.
    ACLs on returned objects can grant more permissions than the ones you select. If you do not select any permissions, ACLs on returned objects grant any combination of permissions.
  3. In the Tenant or Domain section, type the name of the HCP tenant or AD domain in which the user account of the grantee is defined.
    If you type an AD domain, precede it with an at sign (@).
  4. In the Grantee Type section, select User.
  5. In the Grantee Name section, type the user name of the grantee.
  6. Click Submit.
    On the Structured Query page, a value appears in the value field for the Grant property.