Performing a structured search

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  1. In the Search Console, click the Structured Search tab.
    Note: When the metadata query engine is active, the Structured Search tab is called the Structured Query tab and the Search button is called the Query button.
  2. In the Find objects that match field on the Structured Search page:
    • To return objects that satisfy at least one of the criteria you specify, select any.
    • To return objects that satisfy every one of the criteria you specify, select all.
  3. Specify the first search criterion:
    1. From the property dropdown list, select the property for the criterion.
    2. If you selected a content class in step a, select a content property from the content property dropdown list.
    3. From the operator menu, select the operator for the criterion.
    4. In the value field, either select or type the value for the criterion.
  4. For each additional criterion, if any:
    1. Click the add button () to the right of the criterion after which you want to insert the new criterion.
    2. Repeat the actions in step 3 above.
  5. Click Search.
To remove a criterion from a structured search, click the remove button () to the right of that criterion. To see the new results, click Search.