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When you select a filter, the Search Results page immediately redisplays the search results with only the objects that match that filter.

You can apply multiple filters to the same list of objects to remove the objects that aren’t of interest. For example if your results included objects in a namespace named finance, you could first refine the list by filtering for objects in the finance namespace, thereby excluding objects in all other namespaces. Then you could further refine the same list by filtering for objects currently on hold, thereby excluding objects that are not on hold. The resulting list would include only objects in the finance namespace that are on hold.

Note: HCP forms a URL with the filters you apply to a search. If you specify a large number of filters, the URL may become too long for the browser to handle. If this happens, the browser displays an error message.

The Search Results page shows each filter currently in effect as a checkbox option in the Active result filters area below the search criteria.

To remove a filter, deselect it in the Active result filters area. Again, the Search Results page immediately redisplays the search results, this time including the objects previously removed by that filter.

When you apply filters, they remain in effect until you clear the search results either by moving to a different page or, for structured searches only, by clicking Clear. If you change the query criteria without first clearing the current search results, any filters currently in effect are applied to the results of the new search.

Note: Filtering does not change the order of the objects in the search results.