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The Search Results page shows both the number of objects in the search results and the number of pages required to list them, as well as how long the search took, in seconds. The number of pages depends on both the number of objects returned and the number of objects listed on each page.

By default, the Search Console displays ten objects per page. You can use the results/page option on the Search Results page to select a different number. The choices are 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, and 200.

When you select a number of objects, the Search Results page immediately changes the number of objects it lists on each page.

To page through the search results, you can take either of these actions:

  • To go forward or backward one page at a time, click the next or back arrow on either side of the page number information.
  • To go to a specific page, in the go to page field, type the number of the page you want and click Go..